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Embracing Laughter For Wellness

Schedule a presentation or book club discussion with Edna/Mary.

Presentations on the topic of “Embracing Laughter for Wellness” are welcomed. Edna is available to provide talks that are anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour or more. Both Mary and Edna provide talks together when a longer presentation is preferred.
Call or email either one of them for available dates and times and to discuss your organization’s ability to provide an honorarium and/or mileage expenses.

Presentations are tailored to the group. Some suggested titles:

  • Laughter for the Health of It

  • Laughter and Wellness

  • Humor and Health

  • And God Created Laughter

  • Humor for a Healthier You

  • Take Time for Laughter

The book serves as a wonderful resource for presentations, workshops, and book discussions or even as a textbook for a formal course on humor and laughter.

Updated January 04, 2017


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